A Look Back at George Grant on Remaining British

23june2016George Grant’s insights speak to the possibilities of the relationship of the British nations as a balance in a multi-polar world in his ‘The Empire Yes or No?’ :

‘Today, however, there are in our midst certain English- and French-speaking citizens who decry the significance of our membership in the British Commonwealth. There are others, more numerous, who though praying lip service to the Commonwealth, belie their attachment to it in their activities or their apathy. It is necessary, therefore, that those Canadians who believe deeply in the value of the Commonwealth, for Canada and for the world, should reiterate their faith in it … in the world we are coming into, it will be much safer to have, as well as Washington and Moscow, a third force like the British Commonwealth to stand with a firm heart in the councils of the world, and to keep it as strong as possible. For, it must be repeated, a world in which Washington and Moscow were supreme would be a world in which one empire controlled the Eurasian heartland and another the Americas, and no power on earth stood between them … It must be clearly stated that if the world is divided between Washington and Moscow …, nobody would have more to lose than Canada.’

The whole of the essay is published in The George Grant Reader.