Enoch Powell and the Sovereignty of Parliament

P89125Professor Vernon Bogdanor speaks at the Museum of London, 12 March 2013.

“Powell’s significance came not from what he achieved in Parliament or in Government but what he stood for and for what he taught … I think Powell altered, for better or worse, the nature of political discussion on four issues. They are: firstly, the role of the free market; secondly, immigration; thirdly, the European Union; and fourthly, the dangers of Scottish Devolution, which he said would lead to separation. I am sure you will all have noticed that these issues are at the very forefront at current political debate, particularly the last three: immigration, the European Union, and Scottish Independence. So, whether you agree or not with Enoch Powell’s views, it would be difficult to deny his contemporary relevance.”

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Published on the YouTube channel of Gresham College, 10 April 2013.