George Grant and Red Toryism

rts21015Brett Fawcett provides a Roman-oriented analysis and critique of the relevance of Canadian High-Red Toryism in Canada’s political future:

“… One is the question of how the word ‘Red Tory’ can be used. Now, some in England have tried to reappropriate it to refer to something like David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’, not so much big business or big government, but more the organic community driven control of technology. Now, Ron Dart, who is probably the leading scholar on Red Toryism in Canada, thinks that is an illegitimate use of ‘Red Toryism’. But, if it is a valid use of the term, perhaps it can be used to describe something like what Pope Francis has been calling for which is an economy governed not so much by big business or big corporations but by cooperatives.”

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Originally published on the YouTube page Brett Fawcett, 21 September, 2015.