Neo-Reaction: Review of Star-Spangled Crown

ssc7112016Mark Christensen of Social Matter reviews pro-Tory author Charles A. Coulombe’s recent book, Star-Spangled Crown (Tumblar House, 2016).

Star-Spangled Crown, written by Charles A. Coulombe, uses fiction to take a dive into America’s deep history, European roots, and hidden institutional memory. It is part novel, part thought experiment, and part civics handbook. Coulombe is well-qualified to reflect on and apply this royalist lens. As a Catholic loyal to the social and political heritage of Christendom, he serves as Western U.S. delegate to the International Monarchist League, an organization which promotes the restoration of monarchies around the world, and is a member of several royalist, historical, and devotional organizations. In addition to lecturing on a variety of historical topics, he serves as scholar-in-residence for the Catholic publisher Tumblar House.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, the work is Coulombe’s invitation to imagine other futures. A core part of the liberal order is the great myth that they are an inevitability against which resistance is a futile struggle with history. Star-Spangled Crown invites us to free our imaginations and shatter the chains with which this myth tries to bind us.

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Published on Social Matter, 27 October 2016.