The ‘Franco-Toryism’ of Joseph de Maistre

jdm6102015An extract from a profile on French traditionalist conservative thinker Joseph de Maistre (1753–1821):

“He did some of his best work on the French Revolution (which at one point forced him to flee his country) and he described the Reign of Terror (which swallowed revolutionaries as well as it progressed) as a sort of divine retribution for the crimes of the Revolution and the Enlightenment which he saw as the seed-bed of it all. For de Maistre it was the Enlightenment which was to blame, it was this movement which had turned people away from God and traditional authority and left them weak and open to the vague, utopian idealism of the revolutionaries. He advocated a strong aristocracy, a strong monarchy and a strong Church.”

Read the whole of the profile here.

Published on the web-log The Mad Monarchist, 8 August 2009.