The ‘Wasp’ Question

298743Speech of Andrew Fraser, Canadian-born academic and former Professor in the Department of Public Law at Macquarie University in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, at Identitarian Ideas 3, in Stockholm, Sweden, August 27, 2011.

“This is where the roots of the present problem lie. That essentially what happens is that the Puritans developed a whole new way of thinking about the world that was rooted in that secular realm, in the autonomy of that secular realm. What they, what the Puritan revolution, created in the English people, was what you might call a kind of an inner directed character … People started to think of the world in terms of the results that could and should be realized, and it was that capacity to achieve results that justified whatever it was people were doing, and so justification by origins or reference to tradition becomes far less important … The revolution of Modernity is really not a product of the French Revolution, or the Russian Revolution so much as it is a product of the American Revolution. A revolution which formally, I guess, began in 1776, but actually was rooted in the Puritan experience much earlier than that, and which continues today.”

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Published on the YouTube channel of Tankesmedjan Motpol on May 24, 2012.