Whose Vision of ‘Canadian’ Identity?

fjg28122017Roman Traditionalist journalist Faith J. Goldy’s read of the Canadian identity:

“… Fast forward 4 years to 1971 when multiculturalism was declared official, federal, state policy across the land by non-other than Justin’s dad, Trudeau Sr. From that day onwards Canada was no longer to be perceived as consisting of two founding cultures, English and French, but as a mosaic of “equivalent ethnic fragments”. Note here that our policy of multiculturalism wasn’t just about its additive features, i.e. injecting some cultural spice into our foundational flavours, it also had a subtractive feature as well. Baked into the policy of multiculturalism was the minimization and eventual subtraction of our historical and foundational features in both our mythology and make-up going forward. …”

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Published on the Youtube channel of Faith J. Goldy on 25 November 2017.