Michael Cushman to speak in London, 12 September 2015

MCTB12915We cordially invite you to join The Traditional Britain Group for its annual black tie dinner on the 12th September. Joining us all the way from the United States will be our guest of honour, Michael Cushman, M.A., founder of the Southern Nationalist Network and author of the book, ‘Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future.’ Our annual black tie dinner will be hosted in a prestigious location in St. James, London, and is strictly black tie.
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The Role of Heredity in Politics

The authority of the government rests on the consent of all the citizens in this country as individuals. All of us have an equal share of power in the body politic, since each of us has a vote. That principle which it has for so long now been fashionable to acclaim, springs ultimately from the Reformation. Whilst in mediaeval times our ancestors had sought their salvation through the Roman Catholic Church, during the 16th century, as the disciples of Luther or Calvin, they believed that it was within their reach as individuals. Salvation, they said, may come to us through the grace of our own hearts. Looking in on themselves, many heretics kept a diary as the record of their private religious experiences. The survival of these exercises in self-analysis is the reminder of a significance accorded to the individual in Stuart times that was much enhanced at the end of the 18th century by the birth of romantic literature. Romantic writers ignore the rules and values that have been handed down to them by older generations and are accepted by us; they will never, with the use of that tradition, give us an impersonal view of things; possessed of a profound conviction of their own importance and originality, they believe that the vision which they project should be merely of themselves. Continue reading